Francia raisa and shane sparks dating

Since then, they are close friends and frequently call each other their ‘sister.’ I’m very aware some of my fans had noticed I was laying low for part of the summer and questioning why I wasn’t promoting my new music, which I was extremely proud of.

So I found out I needed to get a kidney transplant due to my Lupus and was recovering. I honestly look forward to sharing with you, soon my journey through these past several months as I have always wanted to do with you.

The songstress, Selena Gomez, 25, surprised everyone when she made a heart-touching announcement Thursday morning on Instagram post.

She recently received a kidney transplant from Francia Raisa due to her struggle with lupus.

I am beyond grateful that God would trust me with something that not only saved a life but changed mine in the process.

This was part of our story, and we will share it soon, but what is important now is that this is not the only story Raisa wrote with her post on Instagram, showing her and Gomez next to each other in hospital beds during the procedure.

#4 Josh Hutcherson Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson and Francia were romantically linked in 2012.

They have always been supportive and kind to each other in their respective careers.

And now, that sisterly love is stronger than ever before after they expressed their feelings to each other.

She gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me. For more information regarding Lupus please go to the Lupus Research Alliance website: -by grace through faith A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on After Gomez paid her tribute to Raisa via Instagram and said she was incredibly blessed to have such a friend in her life; Raisa shared a heartfelt message of her own about how the surgery has strengthened both of them and their relationship forever.

She also had the opportunity to boost lupus awareness.

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