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States like Oregon and Nebraska allow legal underage marriage at age 17 with parental consent. But why do we allow our future generation of women to marry at such a young age?

An article from Business Insider said most of these marriages happen in southern rural states that have high poverty rates and are the home to religious parents who see marriage as a solution to underage pregnancy. Sandra Aamodt, said the brain is only halfway developed at age 18.

To find out, we sent two eligible writers—one from , one from Esquire—on what might be the longest blind date in history.

Our nation is still progressing, and we are America.

And yet, HB335 exempts pregnant 16 year old minors to legally marry with parental consent.

This exception to the law shows that while progress has been made, the fight to prevent young girls from being taken advantage of is not yet over.

That was the plan for the night: Our respective editors set us up on a blind date (or what would come to seem like one very long, three-week blind date) to see just how compatible we might be and to learn what compatibility even means in the age of Tinder and Instant Chemistry genetic testing, and we figured we might as well take the time to get to know each other.

For our first outing, we would sit across from each other and ask and answer a list of 36 increasingly personal questions that had been devised by psychologists to foster closeness between perfect strangers like us.

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