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I got a perfect view, and it was an amazing sight to see that gigantic black nob pull out of Darren's bare bum, then ram back inside, slamming his nude hips against the desk. He lay there, used and exhausted as the two black men dressed, congratulating each other on a good fuck, then they left.

They held him down and he was fucked deep and hard with that massive black dong, that huge thick thick cock. I watched cum pouring down Darren's legs as he pulled on his underpants, then his trousers, and knelt to clean up the spunk on the carpet. ' 'No, don't worry I just drove past once and remembered it.' 'Okay, in there.

have compiled a list of acronyms, abbreviations and shorthand commonly used for texting, chat and instant messaging.

The objective of text message shorthand is to use the least number of characters but still convey a comprehensible message with punctuation, grammar, and capitalisation being mostly ignored.

"Mm, ohh ohh yeah, take my big cock bitch, deeeep in your belly. I said my name was Roger and that I lived nearby, and Darren said we could have fone sex if I wanted it. ' 'I have been bummed by twelve men at work sir.' 'Well it's gonna be 13 tonight boy.

Ohhh fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fucking your white ass boy, fucking you good. 'I'd rather have the real thing' I typed, 'or are you just a prick tease? But I want to just walk in and enter you, without you seeing my face.' 'ohhhh, I like the idea, but what if we know each other sir?

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He gasped, keeping his eyes obediently closed, blushing and nervous.

I looked at my slut, poised ready to claim him as my sex slave.

I pushed my hard cock inside his bare bottom hard and he gasped out loud. I was going to enjoy fucking the little slut over and over again.

So much so that they eagerly show off their slimy surprise for the camera as it oozes out and drips down their tiny brown beavers to the love nests they were bedded upon. Keep in mind too, this is just one great site in a network of 8 other sites that you have access to for the price of a single membership.

Hello, I know it's been some time since I posted the first part of this story, 'the office' but finally here is the second part... he struggled but they were two big strong men, black men, they held his arms easily, as they ripped off his pants, leaving his tiny willy dangling bare as the first man grabbed his ankles and pulled his legs apart to look at him.

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