Flirting and dating advice and tips for teenage girls

Guys who know for sure that they are never going to have a chance to go out with a beautiful girl like you indulge in such wild stares. Now that’s a sight to store in mind for later tonight! ] How can you tell if a guy is staring at you Guys stare at girls. But ‘the stare’ is a long way from the simple show of appreciation.

They do know others may be looking at them in disgust, but to them, all they care about is their moment of glory. It might confuse you at first, and you may take a few glances back at him to figure if he’s checking you out or staring at you like he’s hypnotized, but that usually takes a few minutes to figure.

You see these guys plaguing cafes, clubs and shopping malls.

They hang out, almost always with friends (for confidence and support), and stare at girls.

Personal encounters of guys staring at girls Ever experienced a freaky stare-y guy who just doesn’t stop staring at you? The worst part is, some guys stare until I’m out of sight.

It’s so tacky, and it feels like they can really see me through my shirt! – Barbara,27 I don’t mind if a guy stares at me, as long as he’s great looking.

[Read: How to look sexy without trying] These guys know you’d feel awkward and uncomfortable when they stare.

And they get pleasure out of knowing they can make you feel uncomfortable.

Flirting and dating advice and tips for teenage girls-89

[Read: How to be just friends when he wants more] Guys staring at girls – How to stop it? There are a lot of things you could do, and I’m sure you could come up with something just as nasty any day!

He might think he’s being discreet, but he’s obviously not.

These guys just stare like their eyes are stuck to your boobs with invisible strings of superglue!

[Read: Why guys love breasts so much] Really, I’m sure you’re fine with a decent guy who just checks you out for a fraction of a second, it might even be flattering, but an all-out stare is just disgusting.

These stare-y eyed guys look all over, and emphasize most on the assets that differentiate women from the men. I’m sure all women understand that staring is a way by which a man shows interest in you.

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