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He also might be seen as fake, which is a huge turnoff no matter who you're dealing with. Smile More It never hurts to smile more when you meet people for the first time.

People like to be liked by other people and the easiest way to express a liking for another person is to smile when you see them.

It may seem like these little things might not make a big difference, but women do notice. Dating is a one-on-one activity that puts all of the responsibility on you and the girl you're dating.

That means if your conversation skills are lacking, you better improve them in order to have more successful dates.

[Read: 10 perfect ways to avoid the friend zone with a girl you like] You may have felt led on until she slammed the door on you, and now, you think this is a girl thing where they just use guys and walk all over them. ] When we get something too easily without really working for it, we never appreciate it.

] What girls want in a great guy Just like you want to date a great girl, the girl you like would want to date a great guy too!And that holds good for material things, and for matters of the heart too.The art of taking things slow while pursuing a girl When it comes to pursuing a girl, always take things slow.Being well dressed can mean the difference between a good and bad first impression because when we first meet people, the first thing we take in is their appearance.If you are well dressed, you'll be starting off on the right foot with every first impression. Be Well Groomed This one is very much related to being well dressed, but is just as important.

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