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There's no reason for this and I'm sure normal people handle these things just fine, but for me it's next to the end of the world and I don't know how to continue. Then it came back, startup represented by a few fundamental theorems– but they were just subtly /wrong/, like a = integral of mc².

After that, I feel like we got two posts in before he started bitching at me for my posts getting smaller, then going on to complain about two other people whose ERPs devolved into dirty talk, basically.72279You do realize that's like. I've had three characters that are specifically about breaking reality and are eldritch abominations from the edges of the cosmos. I'm coming the cosmic horror I always wished to be!

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I've tried to ERP and play fighting games at the same time.

A fight scene, in which case you're giving the other an opportunity to counter/respond/whatever.70732Is it weird to be interested in OOC play but not necessary realistic OOC play?

Like, for example, I enjoy it when a male partner tells me his cock is really big, like a foot long or something, even though I already know it's not.70527I wouldn't know the first thing about dominating so I only play submissive bimbos for them to rampage through.

When I did, I warned the guy I'd be slow before we started, but when we started I realized we had no chemistry.

So a handful of posts in and I just let him hang for an hour. I deserved it.70735I think it's definitely everybody else.

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