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Create a profile that screams “I’m a mature, classy dude…with sex appeal”.

So write your profile in the same manner, but add in a tad bit about how you are “eager to please just as much as receive”.

Perhaps you like classical music or sports, or maybe you love debating politics.

When you sign-up for, you’ll have a good chance of meeting women that share those

Since we all live in different parts of the United States, we weren’t sending emails to the same women. The ultimate goal was to score as many dates as possible.

Having time to sit at home and browse member profiles on your computer simply isn't a luxury that most of us can afford.But that doesn’t mean you should abandon our advice about not being a pervert online.Even women that are open sexually are not attracted to men that are disgusting pigs.If you can’t pull off the bad boy routine, it’s best to stick with the nice guy schtick. It’s a site that gives singles an alternative to traditional dating sites. should be a secondary site, even for those of you that need regular sex.Getting an edge on is very much like most dating sites. If you consider sex the most important part of a relationship, is for you. Trust us, you can find women that will put out right away on other dating sites too!

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