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dollars worth of long distance charges later, we (the supervisor had no more clue than I did about what was happening with my ad) finally discovered why my ad had been rejected 17 times without explanation - one of the "unacceptable" items on the filtering software's list is to mention any dating service by name, even Yahoo! So that one line - "Now there's something I'll bet you didn't expect to find on this Yahoo Personals site! Did the supervisor offer to refund or credit the month, or the cost of the phone call (or my time, for that matter)?

Of course not - "I'm sorry, I understand how you feel, but they don't provide us any way to do that - you'll have to talk to someone in accounting" - as thought "accounting" was some other company somewhere off in the distance rather than three cubicles down the hall..didn't even offer to transfer the call.

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A real world example: I've lost a full month of my paid one-year subscription to Yahoo!Personals merely because I had the line "Now there's something I'll bet you didn't expect to find on this Yahoo Personals site! My ad consisted of two full paragraphs and five photos, and the cowardice started immediately - three days after submitting the ad, I received a generic rejection containing words to the effect that "There's something wrong with your ad or photos, and we can't accept it - please correct the problem and re-submit your ad".That's it - no indication what the "problem" was, no contact person, no return email, no other information whatsoever...so, no ad posted, but they HAD charged my credit card, of course!Was it necessary to portray the employees of the company as undereducated/stupid due to your socioeconomic preconceived notions convey your point or are you as bigoted as you appear to be?You may have actually had a point worth considering and warning others about until your discourse degraded into a personal attack on the basis of race.

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