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This feature enables ASM to provide a unified storage solution, storing all the data for the clusterware and the database, without the need for third-party volume managers or cluster file systems.

Just like database files, Oracle Clusterware files are stored in an ASM disk group and therefore utilize the ASM disk group configuration with respect to redundancy.

This guide is provided for educational purposes only, so the setup is kept simple to demonstrate ideas and concepts.

Part of this solution is the ability to store the Oracle Clusterware files; namely the Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) and the Voting Files (VF — also known as the Voting Disks) on ASM.

Instead, each voting disk is placed on a specific disk in the disk group.

The disk and the location of the Voting Files on the disks are stored internally within Oracle Clusterware.

For example, a , no protection is provided by Oracle.

Oracle only allows one OCR per disk group in order to protect against physical disk failures.

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