Episcopalian dating

For example, the topics of homosexuality and gender roles are rather controversial subjects today but almost completely agreed upon throughout most of church history.If we are teaching about these subjects in new ways, this should cause us to ask if we are reading our culture onto the Bible and making it say what we think is important today instead of what it actually says.It is vitally important to know what the church has believed at each point in our history and why.

It lets me know where they might be off and what issues they may misunderstand.

Instead of looking like a bride we as God’s people have a history of looking more like a harlot.

What is interesting to me is just how un-Christian so much of church history is. It is a reminder of how kind God has been to keep his promises despite our failures to be faithful to him.

There is a saying that, “new kinds of ‘christians’ are really just old kinds of heretics.” Knowing correct doctrine helps us guard against false teachers and religious sects today.

Church history helps us see how other cultures have interpreted the Bible and see where some of our biases and prejudices pop up.

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