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For this example, we selected the State of California, CA_Unzip all those folders (US1EEZ1M, etc…) to a location on your hard drive. Start Open CPN, and point it to your chart directory Settings Add Directory (remember My Documents is actually something like C:\Users\user-name\Documents\Charts) Click Select Folder Tick boxes “Scan Charts and Update Database” and “Force Full Database Rebuild” Fix up a few of your Chart settings, mine are below, more info Vector Display Tab ​Check your new ENC charts into the Chart Downloader to stay current with Chart Updates, more info Chart Downloader Tab Go to Settings CA - California You should also hit the Select Folder button and navigate to where you put your ENC charts.

Once you hit OK on that window, a list of all your charts should populate in the bottom half of the window.

NOAA's Chart Download website Bring this page up in your browser.

On the left, Click on Download ENCs (electronic navigational charts for Vector Style charts ENC (vs Raster Charts) Download your desired region.

This familiarity, combined with accurate satellite positioning in an ECS or ECIDS navigation system, can improve situational awareness and help bridge crews to understand critical information at moments of peak workload and pressure.

With over 3,000 official charts available, ARCS provides extensive raster chart coverage of international shipping routes, main ports and harbours in a comprehensive range of scales.

By combining the wide coverage, familiarity and ease-of-use of ARCS with AVCS, you can get the most comprehensive and trusted digital chart service available for ships trading internationally.

Individual charts: £18.3​​0Each folio: £1,100.00All folios: £6,000.00 For precise coverage and voyage flexibility, ARCS charts are available in 10 regional folios and one world folio.

Click here for visibility of each individual folio’s coverage Alternatively all ARCS charts can be bought on an individual basis.

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