E harmony internet dating dangers

They either freely admit they have no interest in any other form of relationship or they say they do when they don't.

But these daters also have particular fantasies that they are hoping to fulfil even if the fantasies entail being rejected or rejecting others.

Anyways I had a guy accuse me of not caring about my own safety because I put myself out there in the woods to be eaten by a bear. I do see there are alot of people with questionable motivations, and most times have a "warped" view on themselves and how they represent themselves.. The number one issue to the bulk of the people, Is that money ? With the masses loosing, the life they had Jobs/homes ..

I then reminded him that I'd met him(a total stranger) on the internet and then agreed to meet him in person (all the normal precautions taken) and I was doing that without my side arm. and ofcourse have unrealistic expectations..."the perfect partner" for instance.

And sometimes, as in the case of 'Derek', the fantasies are much more violent.

The internet provides the perfect tabula rasa for daters to search for their fantasy partner and to enact the powerful and often damaging relationships of their past.

What many of these stories demonstrate is that internet dating is a prolific breeding ground for romantic and sexual fantasies that may have little to do with reality.

A middle aged man rushes into a hotel bar where he is meeting 'Dance Ticket'.

When this happens the child in the mind of the adult continues to search for a parent whose love may have been mixed with either ill-treatment or with certain expectations of how they wanted their child to be.But the idealisation often covers up underlying conflicts that can't be acknowledged, including, at its most extreme, hatred.We all have templates of our parents in our minds as our first love objects.Then he appears, throws his coat over a chair, orders a glass of wine for himself.'Dance Ticket' is already on her second and, as his eyes flit to the other people talking in the bar, declares, "You're perfect! "The idee fixe of the perfect partner is fraught with problems and usually indicates someone who has idealised a parental figure and who is blindly and impulsively looking for a similar match.

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