Driver sd need updating please

For this post I will show you how you can use the USB Thumb Drive connected to host USB port from guest OS.The procedure remains same for other USB devices as well.

However, there is one more one time activity that will happen when you start the virtual machine.A new filter for this device will be added to the list of filter as shown in the image below: 4.Here we are done with the Virtual Box configuration, however, if you are interested in more details double click on the selected filter and it will bring up the detailed information about the selected device, this information might be useful for you to access your device from the guest (See the image below).Now we know that virtual box was able to find the two USB devices we have selected now we will verify whether the OS is able to find them as well.So open the konsole and type lsusb, this command will give you a list of available USB devices (see the image below).

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