Do not be unequally yoked dating

One of the animals would control the other, taking it in the wrong direction, and the job wouldn’t get done. So, when Paul is saying not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, he’s teaching not to be so emotionally and spiritually connected with an unbeliever that he or she has the chance to pull you in another direction or influence the way you think, talk, and behave.

When it comes to purpose, life’s direction, and core values, you and an unbeliever can be as different as light and darkness or a donkey and a horse.

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You may want to go to church every time the doors are open, and he only thinks it’s necessary to go on Easter Sunday.You’ll have conflict over how to spend your time, how to communicate, and how to give each other space and grace to be an individual.This will cause relationship breakdowns for you as couples.Christians can get lonely and desperate, lowering their standards and connecting with sketchy believers or even non-believers – thinking they can change them.But we are not called to be missionaries on the dating field.

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