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I’m not comfortable to hide who I really am – like the fact that I’m a single mother – just to get a date.

It would be like going back to the same toxic relationship that I was once in.

Later, I married the first guy who proposed to me, a decision that I later wished had come with an undo button. My insecurities, of my body or my dating skills, seemed to double, if not triple.

And the modern dating scene in the digital age did little to help.

You can choose whether to initiate or respond to messages, and our secure e H Mail system means that you don’t have to exchange any personal details until you feel there are no red flags.

At e Harmony, we believe that happy relationships are only possible when people are ready.

If you’re recently divorced, then it’s natural to take time to reflect on the reasons why you weren’t compatible with your previous partner and identify what you’d like to be different in the future.

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The e Harmony Relationship Questionnaire does take some time to complete, but it covers all of the core values that we know will be important to you in a relationship.Unlike other divorced dating service, with e Harmony, you won’t be overwhelmed by hundreds of profiles and an unforgiving swipe culture.Instead, we’ll send you a batch of carefully chosen profiles every day.Further fueling my insecurities is the negative stigma that comes with being divorced or a widowed female in a socially conservative and patriarchal society like in Indonesia. An eligible, attractive divorced or widowed male is called “” which has more negative connotations and comes with stigmas attached. That one sex video call officially killed my appetite for dating. I know there are some of my friends who meet their date online. “So, where should we look for to find a man just for a decent date,” asked one of my best friends who has just recently divorced as we sat in a café, munching our cakes, quietly. I have uninstalled all dating apps and stopped checking my account on a couple of dating websites.Even in the digital age, janda is still viewed either as an inferior, debilitating, helpless, and pitiful soul or as a sex-starved homewrecker. A single, divorced male with kids is cute and endearing. Long story short, after trying online dating for some time, I was nowhere near getting a date. Dating apps and online dating websites have evolved. People immediately judge what sort of person you are based on your pictures and what you write about yourself. Eight out of 10 men that I chatted with were scammers. But instead of getting a “hello”, I saw his face on the phone screen with his eyes half-closed. His hands appeared to be inside his pants, moving up and down. We had met for coffee and to chat about our dating experience. Some friends tried to fix me up for a date with their single friends.

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