Difference between seeing each other and dating

For example, I've heard people say things like: "I was upset with him because it turns out that he was talking to another girl." -- obviously this doesn't mean he was just talking, it usually means he was flirting / sexting / trying to hook up / trying to date her.Again, when you're not sure, just ask what exactly the person means.Usually if people start hanging out regularly it would be more than "talking".

Yes, I told him I was writing this post and asked his thoughts. Or tell me potato, patahto- let’s call the whole thing off!

I remember in the 90s in high school talking meant you talked on the phone on a regular basis but weren't serious. Now I feel like talking means very casually seeing each other.

It's all very wishy-washy and subjective because everyone operates differently.

I see "dating" as encompassing both exclusive and non-exclusive relationships. people sometimes say "We were dating since..." etc.

to mean "We've been in an exclusive relationship since..." but people often say "dating" to mean a form of casual dating that is non-exclusive and where people often date more than one person at once.

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