Did amanda bynes dating nick zano

Chelsea Brummet, Bynes' costar, presents the perfect opportunity for an inside look into Bynes' troubled childhood.

Brummet worked with Amanda Bynes on the movie , and she had some interesting stories to tell... I think, maybe she felt like, ‘Who are these people? But she also described Bynes as “really really nice," and that you could "tell she felt like this was her baby — like was hers." Brummet also added, "Her persona …

Well, there are plenty of things about her childhood that most people don't know about, or have simply forgotten.

And these are the things that probably contributed most to her downfall.

At just 17 years old, she seemed like a fully grown, mature woman, but of course on the inside, part of her was still a child.

That didn't stop Nick Zano, her 24-year-old costar, from dating her when she was just 17.

But the entertainment world didn't always have the nicest things to say about Amanda Bynes.

In one interview, Amanda herself recalled a moment when she was body-shamed after a movie she did at a young age.

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These allegations involved her parents and were pretty shocking to say the least.Just a few years in the past, Amanda Bynes was one of Hollywood's most beloved child stars.A huge name in Nickelodeon and in some of our favorite movies, Amanda Bynes was seen by many as the next big thing.According to her the journalist referred to her as "puffy faced." Obviously, this must have hurt Amanda, and probably wasn't good for her mental health, either.Amanda Bynes, being the attractive and talented young woman that she was, attracted her fair share of male attention.

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