Dg834g not updating dyndns

NETGEAR regularly releases new firmware versions to improve product performance and add new features.

We detect and remediate 50 significant DDo S attacks every month--usually before they are noticed by our customers.I'm a liitle confused whether to use the Dyn DNS updating facility built in to the router, or to install the Dyn DNS Updater software on the server itself?The Dyn DNS site states that the software route is preferable and the router itself puts you off, by stating that the username/password may not be held securely on the router and it may "cause problems" whatever that means! I've checked the Dyn DNS site as well as EE and there seems to be conflicting opinions in the searches, so I thought I'd ask you folks directly.Our global anycast network of multiple data centers are strategically located across multiple continents and leverages a mix of redundant internet transit providers for ultimate resiliency.The network is split into two separate constellations and supports active/active failover to ensure service continuity in the event of catastrophes.

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