Develop a checklist for validating insurance coverage

Senior managers or a BCP Committee would normally: The BCP committee is commonly co-chaired by the executive sponsor and the coordinator.

The purpose of the BIA is to identify the organization's mandate and critical services or products; rank the order of priority of services or products for continuous delivery or rapid recovery; and identify internal and external impacts of disruptions.

This step determines what goods or services it must be delivered.

Information can be obtained from the mission statement of the organization, and legal requirements for delivering specific services and products.

An example would be the business impact analysis component of a BCP program.

A Business Continuity Plan includes: Having a BCP enhances an organization's image with employees, shareholders and customers by demonstrating a proactive attitude.This publication provides a summary and general guidelines for business continuity planning (BCP).While governments, not-for-profit institutions, and non-governmental organizations also deliver critical services, private organizations must continuously deliver products and services to satisfy shareholders and to survive.To determine the loss of revenue, it is necessary to determine which processes and functions that support service or product delivery are involved with the creation of revenue.If these processes and functions are not performed, is revenue lost? If services or goods cannot be provided, would the organization lose revenue?

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