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A strong visual element of the film are Dean’s death-obsessed drawings (drawn by Martin himself) which feature prominently and effectively in the film. So I thought it would be fun to kind of stick it to both of them.

An impromptu trip to Los Angeles allows Martin to have a bit of fun with classic L. tropes, while introducing Dean to Nicky (Gillian Jacobs), who quickly complicates his commitment to wallowing. MM: DM: I had ideas about how I wanted to tell the story. I didn’t ever feel like, “Oh geez, I don’t know what I want here.” What happened, though, was that I learned about compromising and about reality vs.

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What directing lessons did you glean from working with them as an actor? I tried to pay attention when I got to work with those guys, because I knew then that I wanted to make films.

It was cool seeing Ang talking to Eric Gautier, DP on that movie, about lenses; also about the order in which they were going to shoot things.

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Especially on a low-budget movie, because everyone is doing you a favor. When I’m getting ready for a special or a tour, you have such a real deadline; it has made me more of a grown-up.

A couple of times I decided it was worth it: “I’m going to go look just to make sure after we do a few takes.

Take two felt good; let me see how it looks.” I could adjust a little bit. My DP, my first AD, my set designer or art director—what emerged was a group of us there who developed a shorthand, and I said early on, “Hey, do me a favor: If you ever feel weird or you think I’m off, I’m open to whatever.

He’s just looking to take a break, to just get away; he’s not someone who’s drawn to L. You fall for someone, or your best friend moves there. I tracked though storyboarding and overhead and all this stuff, but it turned out a lot of times we didn’t have a location until the day before. Unfortunately, I guess you remember more traumatic things. We shot on an Alexa, which I like a lot; it’s a great camera. That was interesting because the lenses were cool; they were imperfect but it gave it a lot of light in the lenses, and they were forgiving.

You have one sense of what the place is, and then it’s like putting on a new pair of glasses, or looking through a different lens. There were at least two times where we finished a shoot day and we still didn’t have a location for tomorrow. Things with more emotional weight are the ones that stick with you. His kit was very small, and we had to make choices. They weren’t so austere and technical, showing every detail the way that a lot of today’s technology can do.

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