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So, it's important to know all t…When it comes to relationships, timing is so important.Many people actually believe that finding "the one" is more about timing than mutual attraction, a strong connection, shared interests, or any other factors.But don't take my word for it…"You watch Gossip Girl?Isn't it just about a bunch of rich kids sleeping with each other and doing drugs? OK, yes, the best Gossip Girl sex scenes are iconic and should go down in TV history, but also, the show is about …I've never been able to continuously date multiple people at the same time.And it's not that I think there's anything wrong or bad about them.

Being cheated on is an awful feeling no matter which way you slice it.W…When my college boyfriend and I broke up (multiple times), it was strange to navigate how to handle talking about the split with my friends. I had one friend in particular who was definitely his friend who my ex in…So, I have to confess: I've never been a big fan of The Bachelor franchise. Unfortunately, it seems as though the celebrities who do stay together are becoming more and more rare.Like, when dissecting Halsey & G-Eazy's relationsh…As someone who's never had a threesome, I can attest to the fact that the concept can be a little daunting.It's for what you should do immediately after you're done getting busy, and that's to make your way to the nearest …Maybe it's your go-to game to play with your girls and a few bottles of wine, or perhaps it's your favorite part of King's Cup.Whatever the situation, "Never Have I Ever" is a classic way to get to know your friends (and crushes) even better than yo…When I was growing up, it was easy to think that royalty only married royalty.

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