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– when she and Chuck Mitchell were performing there together.Geffen was then the agent for singer Buffy Sainte-Marie, whose new album at the time included Joni Mitchell’s “The Circle Game,” which Geffen especially liked, and was the first time he had ever heard her name. The pair struck up a romance, and spent some time together in Philadelphia.Meanwhile on the club/coffeehouse circuit, Chuck and Joni continued to appear together, honoring their commitments through early 1967. She had a brief romance with Katz who in turn, introduced her to Roy Blumenfeld, the Blues Project’s drummer.Blumenfeld and Joni then spent a part of the summer of 1967 together until Blumenfeld’s French girlfriend came home from Europe. “The way I felt about her…scared me…” Joni’s song, “Tin Angel,” using the name of a New York restaurant, is in part about Roy.But back in Detroit, upon her return there, this did not go over well with Joni’s husband, Chuck.The affair, however, had fueled Joni’s song, “Michael From Mountains.” New love was a powerful creative force for Joni and her songwriting, as would be shown time and time again throughout her career. she met Steve Katz who played with the house band there, The Blues Project.

In their early meeting she chastised him for badly altering some Bob Dylan verse.

Canadian born Joni Mitchell is one of the most acclaimed singer-songwriters of the late 1960s-mid-1970s period – and also one of the most gifted voices of that era. For starters, consider one of her songs below, “Little Green,” which she wrote a few years into her career.

during her early years, Joni Mitchell reached mainstream notice in the 1968-1974 period with the release of her first several albums, among them — What follows here is a sampling of some of that music from her early years along with a bit of her biography and social context during, before, and after that period.

Roy would later say that Joni Mitchell’s music “was more original than Dylan’s.” Another of Joni’s Blues Project band member friendships turned out to be Al Kooper, the group’s keyboardist, lead singer, and chief composer.

Kooper was also a friend of Judy Collins, who would invite Joni to the Newport Folk Festival, in Newport, Rhode Island.

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