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Date of Birth: March 6, 1979 Zodiac Sign: Pisces David is now a Semi-retired professional wrestler who never wanted to take after his dad in the first place.Flair says while he was growing up, he had decided not to be a wrestler but a state trooper but he had too much firsthand experience in the field to not venture into it.He started the relationship with Barlow a while after his divorce and now both couple have been engaged since July 2016.Wendy herself is a mother of four children: Sophia (born 1999), Sebastian (born 2001), Paris (2003), and Summer (born 2004). Megan Fliehr Ketzner (daughter, born to Ric Flair and Leslie Goodman) She is the first child to the iconic Flair but is not anywhere near a professional wrestling career like the rest of her siblings.Charlotte has been married twice but with no kids of her own.Her first marriage was in 2010 to Riki Johnson, the second one was in 2013 to fellow wrestler Thomas Latimer that goes by the name “Bram”.Things were going smoothly in their marriage and they had two kids together until rumors started going about that Elizabeth and Ric were going to be getting divorced.

Elizabeth Harrell (ex-wife) Duration of Marriage: August 27, 1983 – 2006 (23 years) The same year after Flair’s first divorce, he got married to Harrell in the summer of 1983.Aside his career success, there are other parts to him that are not as famous as his profession. Ric Flair as focused and determined as he looks during the game is a different man out of the ring.He has had quite a roller coaster ride with women and is a father to four kids.The name Charlotte was adopted after she signed a deal with the World Wrestling Entertainment on May 17, 2012.Her style of playing exudes villainous traits that were maybe gotten from her Champion dad.

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