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Her boyfriend’s office mate has just broken up with his girlfriend and you seem to be the perfect match for the moment. The four of you will meet up in a restaurant for dinner; then grab a couple of drinks after. You take a last minute look at yourself in the mirror and wish yourself luck. You smile to yourself and breathe out a sigh of relief. Your friend’s boyfriend and your blind date stand up to acknowledge you. The best thing about the whole night is that your blind date isn’t so bad after all. For some strange reasons, he hasn’t asked for your number.You’re available, accessible, and anxious to meet someone and unfortunately, your best friend knows that. It sounds like an exciting night but you’re just hoping that your blind date works out. You are to meet your friend, her boyfriend, and your blind date in a restaurant. After all, it’s pretty rude to keep other people waiting. Your friend sees you and she’s excited to introduce you to your blind date. Then you convince yourself that he can always get it from your friend. You try your best to be nonchalant about it but you as the night draws to and end, you’re desperately wishing he asks for your number.It explains all those awkward moments I was having trying to fit in to society. Even with these gender rules installed on western cultures, if a woman really likes you she will eventually ask you out if she notices you are available but not making any advances, unless she has some impediment for doing so of course (like being shy, married, etc).I was asked by three different girls on high school, as I NEVER made any advances they went for it by themselves after a while.I knew some other people probably caught on to me being different and I really wanted to figure out for myself exactly what was wrong with me. I don't feel the pressure to be something I'm not anymore.Now that I know about the Schizoid Personality, and have identified myself with it, I feel at peace with myself. I can just be me as I've been doing..without that tension.You've got to really be out there enough to come across ladies who are willing to ask a guy out.Lol....being the Schizoid Personality guy has it's advantages...can see things more level-headed and intellectual...disadvantage is that it takes the emotional aspect out of things a lot of times.

Asking out a girl is not a problem for's getting the motivation to do it that is the problem for me. There were only a few periods in my life that I wasn't.During those times, I was motivated by trying to fit in and live up to what I thought was "normal." It was me trying to fit in and play my part of the "ladies man." It was just a part I played though...act. It was really just "schizoid exhibitionism."" I think it's not necessarily whether you live somewhere "progressive" (though I agree that's for sure a factor), but rather her personality and also the guy's. It wasn't a large city and people didn't try to be PC or anything like that.Guys who are less intimidating or who appear more approachable would probably get asked out more. Yet over a decade ago I had been asked out by multiple women.I always had an underlying tension in the back of mind knowing something was up with me.I just didn't know what it was until I found out about Schizoid Personality. Not knowing caused a lot of anxiety when it came to going out in public knowing that I knew something was up with me...I was different..I just didn't know what it was exactly.

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