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However, when they arrived with their spices the body of Jesus wasnot in the tomb!What did Peter find when he came shortly afterward and entered thetomb?Now, I think the only way in this thread to include Autosuggestion is perhaps in the other way around, since you want to believe, you believe and you always believe that the Shroud is a fake, because that is perhaps more comfortable to your own system of ideas.There is no record of the shroud during the first centuries of the Christian era, it is first mentioned in the 14th century, havingbeen found in the Diocese of Troyes.Title: - Milwaukee, Waukesha, Lake Country Wisconsin Graphic Design Description: Corporate & Personal Design Services in the greater Milwaukee and Waukesha Wisconsin area.The pope set up an inquiryto formally examine it and from their findings it was soon believedauthentic.

I am a divorced mom of ten years with two grown kids who are married with families of their own.

Originally, the shroud wasbelieved a forgery, even by the Church.

Probably the Shroud was obtained during the Crusades and brought to Europe.

Some tests, conducted by three prestigious laboratories in Switzerland, England, and the United States, found the shroud tocontain spores and evidence pointing to the medieval era, a periodlong after the death of Christ.

So they took the body of Jesus andbound it up with bandages with the spices, just the way the Jewshave the custom of preparing for burial.

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