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) I found out the buyer has one of these in storage ... Hopefully, until tomorrow, I've been using them exclusively dry because nothing other than analog effects has seemed worthy of their tone ... maybe it's not the best effects unit for synths ... It doesn't always sound good on my Rhodes and I've had the best use of it with guitars. The subharmonic can drop in and out unless your input is very consistent. Maestro Universal Synthesizer: Harmony Central User Reviews For Musicians Only*::*Vintage Effects*::*Maestro USS-1 Universal Synthesizer System You Tube - Maestro USS-1 ^^^^^ He has the S&H rate going way too fast so you don't hear the beauty of the filter and phaser, but you get a rough idea. It works great on simple, clean sounds like guitar and bass, maybe electric piano. Luckily, there were things in the basement I'm cleaning out that he seemed interested in, including a bunch of heavy-duty tools ... They are rare and collectable, but at the same time because they are not widely known about the value can vary from a lot to not much at all. If you are cheap heh, offer a couple of hundred bucks and see where negotiations take you. I wonder how it will work with a synth (or a drum machine ... ) I'll probably be taking my X-Station-25 over there to check it out ...If you are thinking of testing it, it has a single 1/4" jack in and needs amplification to hear the results.Tip: Don't make it sound too amazing in the presence of the seller, and don't rave about it if you want it for a good price.' This time around we had a guy who just had a little bit too much before he came in and he asked for a shot and I just didn't servie it. Within the first minute is when it's all set.' And with that, he shrugs on his satin cape, leaps atop his majestic horse and rides off into the night, ready to duel anyone who dares to besmirch the purity of true love*. I just put the phone down, but that's probably what happened at his end. One of the hardest things about self-improvement, especially when you’re trying to fix your dating life, is feeling like you’re getting nowhere.This isn't her first shoot for the water company and it's easy to see why – with that smile and that figure, bottled water never looked so HAWT.

In the last few days we filmed there were a few couples that were just [clicks fingers].With twinkly eyed wisdom and an encyclopedic knowledge about what makes a good match, he's probably the closest thing we have IRL to Rowan Atkinson's mysterious and slightly magical love-matching character in Anyways, Fred. Some are nervous, some stupidly confident, some are drunk already (actually quite a lot of them have had a couple of drinks beforehand.Ah Britain, we are a nation of socially awkward fools). No, it's not the unbearable levels of awkward that can arise from whacking two complete strangers together on a date in front of cameras, nor is it the major feels that come when an old couple raise a randy eyebrow at each other over their banana split.Nope, the enduring excellence of the show lies in Fred the French maitre d' of the restaurant where the show is set. But also Fred is the first face that the the nervous First Daters see when they arrive, dressed to the nines (or not in some unfortunate cases) ready to meet their new potential partner.

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