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This probably isn't how most people picture bipolar disorder.

Yet despite this, more people than ever think they know what bipolar is -- a mixed blessing for those who suffer from it.

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It's easy to confuse love with mania, Jamison says.

Most of us may have been unhappy enough at one time or another to recognize a fit of depression, but the other half of the disease (the mania that leads to everything from religious fervor to shopaholism to insatiable libido) is much harder to fathom.

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And even though I'm not the type to plunge quickly into relationships, I was convinced I was in love.

Aside from a quick trip to clean out her studio apartment a few weeks later, she never went home."Of the two of us," I told her as we lay happily in bed, "I must be the crazier one."Nine months later I stood over her pale, unconscious body, frantically dialing 911 for the first time in my life.

For instance, hypomania, which is a mild form of mania characterized by enviable productivity, can lead to what is called a "mixed state," in which the bipolar individual is both miserable and energetic enough to do something about it.

And after sex, when I thought we'd both enjoyed ourselves, sometimes S would burst into tears.

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