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When asked how many marriages and relationships they have helped facilitate, they say “too many to count…we’ve also many times, had more than one relationship per member…for instance if two members fall in love, and then in a few years decide they wish to end it…they can come back and we have introduced them to next matches whom they might marry and/or continue to enjoy a relationship with to this day…in these cases we’ve helped the same people enter more than one meaningful relationship over time, sometimes many years apart.” The club doesn’t just provide elite services globally, they also have hard, no-nonsense guarantees to ensure that members know exactly what to expect when utilizing SEI Club’s exclusive matchmaking and dating services: The club guarantees that each member will meet the right person.

The right person is different for everyone, which is why they always review each member's personal preferences with them – to ensure that each proposed introduction meets exactly whom they are looking for in love and life.

That’s where the prospect of unlimited dating can become even more appealing for gentlemen club members.

With an unlimited matchmaking and dating membership at SEI Club, gentlemen can freely meet and date any women members they choose, while taking the time to explore those relationships without having any membership expiration deadlines or restrictions looming above their heads.

The club also guarantees its members a plethora of other perks to ensure incredibly high member satisfaction – says their club website “we are not remotely satisfied until you are completely content.” SEI Club, the global, private dating club for the ultra-affluent and exceptionally beautiful, serves gentlemen and women in all major cities of the US, Europe, and now Asia.If men are hunting and pursuing in their search for a relationship, they might as well do it in a private club where all the women members are fully vetted, screened, verified, and deemed suitable for membership within the club.Few of us can imagine that dating can actually become more difficult as your level of success increases.In short, the requirement of renewing is eliminated.While all SEI Club memberships guarantee a specified number of introductions that are permitted within that membership, to be provided within a specified time period, some of the members found those limits a bit restrictive.

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