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Jiirgen Jiirgen Osing discussed the question of red points with me and graciously shared relevant sections G. administered The research was supported by The Israel Science Foundation, administered by The Israel Academy of Sciences Sciences and Humanities and by The Tel-Aviv Tel-Aviv University Basic Research Foundation. Edited Edited by by David David Noel Noel The Freedman.

Tamar Kamionkovsky read and commented on the edited texts and their commentaries. Nehama Orda read chapter 4 with the eye of a psychologist. Yuval Goren has kindly shared with me his latest results petrographic analyses Marresults of petrographic analyses of Amarna tablets. Marga lit Mendelson galit Mendelson helped in the technical editing of the manuscript. Moshe Kislev Joshua Fox helped to improve the helped with the latest stage stage of prcofreading. Joshua English of the text translation and to make it more idiomatic. ensuring ideas Michael O'Connor was kind enough to comment on some of the most difficult issues issues therein.

Copy, (reverse) 179 Copy, Fragment B (reverse) 179 Plate 7. Photos and copies, copies, Fragment E 182 182 Plate ro. Color enlargement enlargement of Fragment B:39'-4I', B:39'-41', showing showing three red points 183 183 My interest in the Adapa myth started as an extension of my studies studies of the Amarna archive, archive, which had consumed a great deal of my time for many years. The impetus to deal seriously with this text did not come, however, until Mariseriously come, however, Marianna Vogelzang Vogelzang had initiated a preliminary group group for textual studies studies during the Philadelphia RAI in 1988. This group, group, which had Adapa as one of its concerns concerns to start with, changed its goals and membership membership to become, become, eventually, eventually, The Me Mesopotamian Literature Group (Groningen).

I07 Introduction ro7 107 The Myth and Its Variants ro8 108 I 10 Multidimensionality Multidimensionality of Language and Meaning IIO Unfolding the Narrative: The Linguistic Component and Meaningful Meaningful Structural Ties I I I Symbols, Symbols, Views, Views, and Concepts 120 120 Mythic Messages and Levels of Meaning: Human and Divine 120 120 Divine Nature 120 120 The Essence of Humanity I121 2I Wisdom and the Concept "Bad," and the Question of Life and Death 125 125 Language and Wisdom: The Essence Essence of 130 Humanity Again 130 The Plot: Transition and Maturation, Maturation, Initiation and Acquisition of Knowledge 13 7 137 Preface Chapter 44 Bibliography ............................................ Plates .................................................. Photo, Photo, Fragment B (reverse) (reverse) 178 178 Plate 6.

Ajg I97 200' 2001 299~·21--d C21 zgg'.21dc21 00-067676 CIP a n d Fragments C h a p t e r 1I Texts and Chapter Fragment A 9 Fragment A A, 15 15 Fragment AI 16 Fragment B 16 C 34 34 Fragment C D 38 38 Fragment D 44 Fragment EE 44 Fragment .

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47 C h a p t e r 22 Dating 47 Chapter T h e Amama Amarna Fragment Fragment 47 47 The Dating 47 47 Dating T h e Origin of the the Amama Amarna Recension Recension 49 The Origin of 49 W h o Wrote the Adapa Tablet Found at at Amama? 51 Who Wrote the Adapa Tablet Found 51 Excursus: Chemical Chemical Analysis Analysis of of Amama Amama Literary Literary Excursus: Tablets EA EA 356, 356, EA EA 357, 357, and and EA E A 358 3 58 and and Implications Implications Tablets by Joseph Joseph Yellin Yellin 55 55 by T h e Nineveh Nineveh Fragments Fragments and and Their Their Relationship Relationship The t o the the Amama Amama Fragment Fragment 59 59 to 60 Excursus: The T h e TMA T M A System System and and the the Narrative Narrative Sequence Sequence 60 Excursus: T h e Origins of the Myth The Origins of the Myth 67 67 ... The Thepaper paperused used ininthis thispublication publicationmeets meetsthe theminimum minimumrequirements requirementsof ofthe the American American National National for Information Sciences~Permanence of Paper for Printed Library Materials, ANSI Standard Standard for lnfomation Sciences-Permanence af Paper for Printed Library Materials, ANSI 8 -'9 8 4· @= Z39·4 239.48-1984.63" vii ..

72 C h a p t e r 33 The 72 Chapter Introduction 72 Introduction 72 Poetic Devices Devices 72 72 Poetic Consonance 73 73 Consonance Repetition, Parallelism, Parallelism, Chiasm, Chiasm, and and Word Word Order Order 77 77 Repetition, v Contents vi v1 Red Points and Meter 881I Verse Structure Structure 91 91 Who Applied the Red Points? ro4 104 Language Has the t h e Power of Life and Death: Structure and Meaning ..

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Brigitte Abusch, with whom I spent many good hours of illuminating discussion. Joachiin Marzahn and Evelyn Klengel Klengel of the Vorderasiatisches Vorderasiatisches Museum in and Joachim assisted in many ways during my visits to the respective respective museums. Copy, Copy, Fragment B (obverse) (obverse) 177 177 Plate 5. Photos, Photos, Fragments Fragments A A and A, 174 Plate 1. Photo, Photo, Fragment B (obverse) (obverse) 176 176 Plate 4. Biblicum, Biblical Hebrew Hebrew Biblical British Museum Museum British consonant consonant The Assyrian Assyrian Dictionary Dictionary of of the the Oriental Oriental Institute Institute of of Chicago. Chicago: Chicago: The The Oriental Oriental Institute, Institute, 1952-. The column(s) column(s) Cuneiform Cuneiform Tablets Tablets from from Babylonian Babylonian Texts Texts in in the the British British Museum Museum consonant-vowel (--consonant) consonant-vowel(-consonant) consonant-vowel-m consonant -vowel-m D stem Dstem divine name name divine Siglum Siglum for for British British Museum Museum tablet tablet Tablet el-Amama texts texts in in Knudtzon Knudtzon 1915 1915 and and Rainey Rainey 1978 1978 Tablet siglum siglumfor for el-Amarna figure(s) figurers) stem GG stem Wolfram Wolfram von von Soden. Grundriss Grundrissder derakkadischen akkadischen Grammatik. response initiative, I came up with some suggestions suggestions concerning the Amarna Amama recension of Adapa and its possible contribution to the study of Akkadian metrics, metrics, which I presented at the Ghent RAI in 1989. During the academic year 1991-92 attend a course on Mesopotamian religion given by Piotr Steinkeller in the Decourse Mesopotamian De University, partment of Near Eastern Languages Languages and Civilization at Harvard University, aroused interest, not only where I spent my sabbatical. Photos, 180 Photos, Fragments C C and D 180 Plate 8. In response to that first initiative, sopotamian (Groningen).

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