Dating your college professor illegal

grades, extracurricular involvement, employment, etc.), then a dating relationship would not violate university policy,” he said.

However, when the situation does arise that a TA is dating his or her student while still teaching him or her, the relationship violates the university’s policy because the TA holds power over the student’s academic life.

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Although still a student, a TA also qualifies as a university employee and a student’s superior, and therefore has more to lose if caught in a so-called “inappropriate” relationship.If a consensual relationship occurs, any situation of authority must be discontinued and appropriate action may be taken.But it turns out that not all student/TA relationships are deemed inappropriate.“Our class was a ton of fun and our personalities just clicked from the beginning,” she said.Though they had no romantic contact while she was still in his class, there was an overt interest.“There was some solid sexual tension throughout and I definitely faked some silly questions to go to his office hours.

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