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What DNSB does during startup to verify connectivity is to send a series of DNS UDP queries DIRECTLY to the Internet's ROOT nameservers.THAT behavior is specifically being blocked by your corporate proxy.

(I'll include info about which IPs are which in any email) PS: after the characterization run, I clicked on re-verify internet connectivity (alas, I had turned off Wireshark by that time) and of course went green as expected in that case thanks! I've only looked at it for a few minutes so far, but I already noticed that your computer did not query for net*.even though the nameserver seems to have answered with the correct IP address of Here is an example Wireshark filter I used: dns && type == A && == (there should have been some queries in the results) The same goes for type == AAAA Surely this is interesting. We'll see once he gets off the stairmaster or back from Starbucks....So DNSB determines that it doesn't have USEFUL Internet connectivity...since if it can't reach resolvers that it absolutely *KNOWS* are online and available, then it is not going to be able to reach and benchmark arbitrary remote resolvers on the Internet.) If we see that the local resolver *IS* replying and DNSB is for some reason not seeing those replies. -- ________________________________________________________________ Steve. / Scarce as facts are, supply too often exceeds demand. I will try that too if/when dnsb fails and leaves my corp dns server marked as red (maybe Mon morning...) thanks very much thanks very much You're welcome :) Fire up Wireshark with a filter of "dns".Then start DNSB and within a second or two perform the dig command.

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