Dating websites indians us

“People were always making fun of it, and it wasn’t really accepted.” So Banwait and her team created Two with the objective of taking the connotation of matrimony out of the dating picture completely.

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But some of their acquaintances are meeting their future spouses through very different means.

There are still many Indian families who like to do things the old-fashioned way of going to a marriage mediator.

These brokers hold files of single Indians and know all their biographical information, including height, religion, caste, parents’ information, address and occupation.

“One couple we know met through one of the online matrimonial sites,” Krishnananda said.

“They talked, got to know each other, and then they told their families about it and then they said we like each other and we want to get married.” The website is, the oldest matrimonial-based dating webpage in the world, with over 20 million users to date.

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