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Subject: Rod the Mod I saw Rod with The Soul Agents and Steampacket before he became a star, and as a rock vocalist there was no one better. Go back a few weeks perhaps into February and you will enjoy what you find.

The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars- David Bowie 35. Ari, Rod the Mod claimed that he wrote Forever Young--and it is indeed markedly different in some respects than the Dylan/Band version(s)--but I believe he eventually paid Bob Dylan for the obvious "borrowing". Ari: While you were away, bob w and I engaged in some good back and forth relating to Faces and Ronnie Lane with some great links.

Safe As Milk- Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band 16. The Winnipegger, Jim Ackroyd, had played in another TO band, the Four to Go, with Neil Young and Ken Koblun from the Squires after that group had broken up.

Because of a US Knack (who recorded for Capitol in the swirl days), they became the Dickens.

As embarassing as Nickleback are I do like Sam Roberts. To add to your misery (and mine), has CHUM changed their format?

Maybe Robbie likes that album because it is a "woodshedding" album? Anyways, I shall be catching Bon Iver at the sasquatch music festival. In categories that are not mainsteam, I would imagine that voting would largely be based on sales...- but as simple as that most likely...... Actually if you just swap some of the terms this could have been inked by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Location: Montreal Bill, many condolences over your spiritual de-pantsing at the Junos Sunday.

Web: My link Subject: 50 Greatest Albums Of All Time? Bernard Cribbins too with Right Said Fred and Hole in the Ground.

Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs- Derek & The Dominoes 43. It takes an hour to download a 4 minute video and my server often cuts out after about 15 minutes and then I have to start over.Subject: Norbert/ Rick article I have seen that one before, I think we discussed back on LP. Robbie Robertson: Anyone catch that ( one and only ) band he said he was currently impressed with? Give me the word and I'll call Schwartz's Delicatessen to cater the shiva. I think it's a huge intrusion when someone's at a luggage carousel to pester them (plus filming in a security area would get you arrested most places).I don't know who Mariana Fikes is, but I found the article pretty "venomous". And the guy just happens to have a Stratocaster scratch plate on him? The point about a signed guitar isn't just a scratch plate. Paddy Roberts was a comedy singer and his EP with "The Ballad of Bethnal Green" is something you see a lot in secondhand stores so it must have sold well at the time.I know I'm a Dankette, and prefer not to deal with some of Rick's "issues", but I really don't know what her problem is. Comedy records were very popular around then Bob Newhart was Warner Brother's biggest early success after The Everly Brothers, and right after him you get Allan Sherman, so that early WB looks like comedy central.No problem with your posting it Norbert, I guess I may be "over protective' By the way, back to the Robin story, We had some folks we knew from Eindhoven, Small world indeed. In the UK, Benny Hill, Peter Sellers, Mike Sarne etc all had comedy hits.

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