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I’m going to leave the sniffer with the Sisters, and give them a 3rd monitor.

The next time a sensor goes off we can get an immediate reading in the apartment.

Just as the Sacrament Meeting was beginning, Paul, a 4-year-old and 2-year-old, who are so disruptive, started running up onto the stand, behind the pulpit, and back down into the audience.I took him back into the meeting as the Sacrament hymn started. After he had been up there for a few minutes, he looked at me and gave a thumbs-up sign. A little later he came down in from on the stand with a large toy car.I leaned over, gave him a thumbs-down, and said the car was too noisy.She is from Taiwan originally, and also served a mission here. Zone conferences in the Taichung area cut down on traffic, both personal and electronic, in the office.President Teh is aware of them, and trying to get them for the Taichung Mission. The late nights of this week have taken their toll on us. We came home just after PM so we can get prepared for our trip tomorrow. I prepared for taking supplies out to the missionaries tomorrow and Friday.

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