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“From when I started my voice mail business 17 years ago to now, voicemail etiquette has changed dramatically.” Kinskey says.

“It used to be that an official greeting, and stating the obvious: ‘I am away from the phone or in a meeting’…was polite.

First, it saves time (unless your message is so long that tapping it out on a touch screen is not viable) – Secondly, as Monarch points out, younger audience often have a built-in “text preference” that makes them much more comfortable interacting via text than over a voice line.

“I own a call center,” says Monarch, “and while I love Vo IP, I never check my voicemail.

In some cases, it might make sense, but usually, it just disorients and confuses someone who wants to hear your response message, so before recording, do your callers a favor and silence the machines and everything else that can intrude into the caller’s ear.So what’s great about the voicemails that garner the most engagement and interest at You Mail? As we mentioned in our story on IVR’s, the technology exists to personalize voice calls.It’s remarkably easy for a database hooked up to a natural language technology to generate a call, or a callback message, that calls someone by name.We all want to be interesting — but sometimes there’s a lot more at stake.Today, we have all sorts of technology to help us set up versatile and convenient voicemail systems.

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