Dating violence facts and myths

When survivors use violence, the results are complicated.

They may be arrested, disbelieved by friends about the abuse, or guilted into staying longer in the relationship to "make up for" our actions.

They also utilize the isolation and targeting that occurs in the larger, straight community to cut off survivors' access to support, safe shelter, or community.

Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear.

The majority of children, male and female, who witness domestic violence become advocates for children when they grow up; committed to raising their children without the use of violence and going into professions where they work to end violence against all children.

Young men in our society must never feel they are destined to become violent.

MYTH: Domestic violence happens only in low-income families.

FACT: Domestic violence happens in all kinds of families, rich and poor, urban, suburban and rural, in every part of the country, in every racial, religious and age group. FACT: Alcohol and drugs do not cause domestic violence. Many abusers will make sure they have alcohol or drugs on hand, in order to use them as an excuse for their actions. They believe they are entitled to have power and control over their partner.

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