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These continued well past the "37" shown at the end of this table and continued through to the late 80s.

So the date of my pedal would be around 1988,89 as there are no letters befor the number.

Much of the love for it centers on the unique “Unlatch” mode, where the true vibrato effect is engaged only while holding down the footswitch.

Honorable Mentions: SG-1 Slow Gear Sold between 19, the SG-1 is often a top contender for ‘best vintage BOSS pedal of all time’ — so a list like this wouldn’t be complete without it.

An improvement on the DM-2 in several ways, the DM-3 was the last analog delay pedal BOSS made and features a unique set of white-top knobs.

Used prices are all over the map, but generally speaking — 0 or less is a deal.

This scheme above is for Roland gear from the company's inception (1972), to the point where the numbers recycle in Nov '80, and then on for a second go through the 80s.

BOSS has been cranking out some of the most trusted compact guitar pedals on the planet since the 1977.And if you’re patient, you can still find one around 0.DM-3 Delay Sold for four years in the mid 80s, the DM-3 offers 300ms of delay and some of the best spaceship-style oscillations on the planet.Bundy So I guess my SD1 was MIT December 1980, which doesnt kind of make sense to me because I thought that MIT production didnt start til much later..I would of thought it would be in the late 80s or early 90s! Yes, the numbers do carry on cycling round past the end of that table.

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