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Evolutionists think that they can say that evidence of this sort is “debunked” if they can create a naturalistic explanation for it. We do not have to establish an absolute incontrovertible case in order for us to conclude that humans could have made these tracks.We only have to establish that the hypothesis is reasonable.I think that you can make a case that there is a sequence of about five or six human prints here.Now I would admit that there is really nothing here that would convince a die-hard evolutionist that the only explanation for these tracks are that humans made them.An area to the right of the stand contained several track sequences of some fairly large dinosaurs.

When we returned to the area, the guide found this track sequence, which I think, contains the best prints of all.These tracks are about 100 feet away from a large set of dinosaur tracks.While we were conducting our Grand Circle geological tour in Arizona and Utah, we decided to see these tracks for ourselves.” These tracks are fun to look for and speculate about their origin.Those of us who believe that the dragons of legend and ancient history may have been the dinosaurs of science might have our beliefs reinforced by the presence of these tracks.

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