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There is also another version in blue with a gilded background with pattern number 1931 which you can see on the excellent blog entry 'Spode's Convolvulus pattern #2', just click Dishy News.

Perhaps only three or four engravings are needed for a whole range of tableware and toilet ware. One type of sheet pattern is that which is a complete design in itself and was not intended to be used in combination with any other design.Examples are Sunflower and Convolulus as in Fig 1 (also known just as Sunflower or just as Convolulus), Grapes, Valencia or Vine sheet, Patricia, and Rosebud Chintz.Patterns like these could also have colour added and were then recorded in the pattern books with a unique pattern number - for example pattern 1864 of about 1813 which was a version of Sunflower, handpainted over the blue print in natural colour,s with a stunning red background.Some of these sheet patterns were described as Chintz, which was also a fashionable term used by collectors in the late 1990s.Parrot pattern (Fig 3) was first issued under the description of Chintz in about 1910, the design being registered on 31st December.

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