Dating special needs child

When you are a working adult without kids, you have the ability to come home after work and unwind.When you work and come home to kids, there’s always work to do.On the other hand, it can be extremely draining to meet emotional needs which—I’ll be honest—often feel bottomless.What’s more, many times when I go out of my way to please him or meet a need, he ends up angry or tearful, and I seem to fail him.

We were told that he had no behavioral problems or significant mental health symptoms.

But when you come home to SN kids, there’s rarely a moment of peace until it’s time for bed—if you're lucky.

Children with special emotional needs often don’t learn self-sufficiency skills the way other children do.

I have learned so much more because of my personal—not professional—experience.

As a psychologist, I have to watch my tendency to practice psychology at home.

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