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Tom no longer sharpens saws for hire, but he will sell you a saw that he has rehabbed and sharpened.

If you know of other reliable sources for buying sharp handsaws, add a comment below.

According to the Disstonian Institute, a website about Disston Saws and their history, Disston used this style nut on their handsaws in the 1860's - 1870's.My personal saw is a 24″-long panel saw (most handsaws are 26″ long). Some day I’ll be man enough to use something even coarser. Tenon saws start at 12″ long, though I recommend the longer ones. I like something that is 12 points to 14 points, filed crosscut, and about 14″ long. The carcase saw shown in the photo is a sweet Wheeler, Madden & Clemson XLCR saw. Dovetail saw: This is perhaps the most personal saw, so ignore my recommendation completely. This is a love-it-or-leave-it saw for most people, so I recommend you try before you buy. The types of saws overlap with one another in size and tooth configuration.It’s a private-label saw made by Disston & Sons for an old Boston hardware store. Ripsaw: I don’t rip a lot by hand, but when I do, I want to be done with it. The one shown in the photo is a 6-point Disston D-8. Shoot for 14″ at least; they make them as long as 19″, which are surprisingly easy to wield. If you like a 23-tooth Japanese crosscut dozuki, stick with it. I’d ignore the names in the catalogs and just buy them based on their specifications. Also, I use a lot of other specialty saws, including a flooring saw, jeweler’s saw and a flush-cut saw.They had their line of tools made for them by the big makers like Disston & Stanley. Simmons did not make tools or saws they marketed them, and were masters at it. They had their line of tools made for them by the big makers like Disston, Atkins, Stanley or others.

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