Dating someone whos been arrested

When my dog was on his last legs, he kept telling me to 'just kill him'.

When I had to put my pet down at the Vets, when he came over, he didn't even say he was sorry about what had happened.

Please the cout down begins til I'm single once again!

He will forget your birthday, but do not dare to forget his! I had the best of my life at the beginning of the relationship-- a dream.. I decided to move in shortly after the proposal and there all began to go down hill. but all he started to do was try and control my every move. My valentines day present was some food from the supermarket.

When he paid for it he immediately started to complain! He loves to be seen with me because it boosts his ego.

When he did do it, he would be impatient and a bit rough with him deliberately, knowing he was an old fragile dog. Im a Sagittarian (animal lover), if you are bad to an animal the fires of my hatred will burn. He keeps saying "Im an immigrant and I have to take care of my own ass".

I never ask him for anything, but he says I take from him all the time? He wants to be worshiped, is disgustingly tight fisted with money, needs attention constantly, is terrible and lazy in bed, is lazy generally, is ignorant, a bully, thinks he owns me and is ultra controlling. They love themselves and think the rest of the world should do the same. Im sick and tired of him and have zero trust in him.

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