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EDIT: I also have to add that /u/ruthsart got the thing about copying skills a bit mixed up.

It's not that it's easy for me to do that, or at least: it wasn't in the beginning (it comes pretty easy for me now).

For instance, a very specific example would be when my SO (/u/ruthsart here) would be typing on her macbook pro and the metal part of her festival bracelet would scratch against the surface of the macbook.

There's a reason why the genetic tests that will probably be completed in the next few years are so feared. If you tried to be a blank slate when talking to a person with aspergers and expect them to know how you feel about something, then at best they won't care about what you are talking about, and at worst they will be left feeling very awkward as their head starts spinning trying to decipher the hidden meanings behind the conversation (even if they might be obvious).My knowledge of the spectrum is limited (as you can see with my lack of understanding of appropriate terms).However in one Reddit post I've learned a great deal and have been pointed in many interesting directions for further research.It's just that I had (and still have in some cases) a lot of difficulties reacting appropriately to a given social situation.It's very difficult to come up with specific examples, but you just have to know that I one day figured that copying the behavior of people that didn't have my problems, was a foolproof method to become more socially capable. At first I only copied literal pieces of dialogue, and recited them to others in situations that to me were similar to the situation in which I picked up on that piece of dialogue.

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