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I have worked to expose water issues with the media, held protests in relation to the actions of the grocery giants; I have set up numerous markets, and helped others with my own time and money to ensure avenues for producer’s to get a fair price for their product, which now feed over 20,000 South Australians.In Enfield, Parafield, Salisbury, Lights-view and Gawler.She is listed on Free Ones since 2001 and is currently ranked 584th place.

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There are hundreds of other articles on line, in print, on you tube, and via TV exposes and stories.

If a topic is of special interest to you, simply google my name and that topic.

If you believe an older article needs updating, or that I am miss-informed, please feel free to write to me and lets debate the topic, I first ran for the senate with my wife Helen back near 18 years ago, and a few times since, over the past decade I have tried to set a good example, getting out there and achieving the change I believe we need, rather than simple words, I have put my money and time into protecting the best interests of my community.

I have stood up for our farmers for over a 15 years, having met with most if not all sectors of primary production, I have held and led rallies for producers, grape growers and their water entitlements for over 15 years, and fought in the political arena and the courts for their best interests.

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