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He and Jim had known each other since they were kids, and Jim seemed to revere my dad.

After my dad passed away, Jim held memorial meets in his honor and made a tribute movie about him.

I'm relieved he was caught, but I think he should have gotten a longer sentence. How else might they come back to haunt me — and how could Jim have used his friendship with my dad to do something so disgusting?

While he's serving time, I'm still left with my fear: I'm paranoid about going into dressing rooms, and I always check the vents when I move into a new apartment in case there's a camera lurking.

He always had us weigh in on scales he kept in a changing area.

It turns out the police had found more than 200 shots Jim had created from videos he'd secretly been taking while I was changing my clothes at his gym!There were always a few other girls there, and Jim was such a good coach that I tuned out certain weird things about him.He had crooked teeth and a creepy smile and always wore bright yellow pants.And his house was the messiest ever: There were trash and boxes everywhere.But he was a good trainer — I won a gold medal at my first meet after just a month of training with him — so I ignored his quirks.

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