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Website Authentication BM Online System is secure, Digital Certificates is installed and running.The browser address bar is Green authenticates that surfing on this site is secured.It also facilitates: transfer of major or degree and their credit transfer, leave of absence, and examination of thesis/dissertation.Registration All students in full-time or part-time programmes are required to register as a student in the University at the beginning of each semester, for the whole period of their candidature, whether or not they also register for any individual modules each semester, and thus maintain an active student status.Registration is done online in the Gen NEXT Information System (GIS).A student who fails to register as a student of the University before the final registration date each semester (normally three weeks after the start of the semester) shall be assumed to have withdrawn from the University and their candidature will be terminated with effect from the start of that semester.Students need to ensure that the modules that they are registered to do not have any class timetable or exam timetable clash.

Your use of this system means that you agree with the terms and conditions as defined below.The EXR is the secretary of the University Examination Board in which it provides assistance in the development of, revisions to, such policies and procedures in relation to Examination and Registration.The EXR Office is responsible for the issuance of official academic transcripts and degree scrolls.The normal period of registration is the first three (3) weeks at the start of the semester (every August and January).Students register their modules in their respective faculties during the period determined; as announced by the EXR Office via email and noticeboard.

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