Dating shouldnt feel doubt feel bad

We feel like we’ve gone as far as we can mentally, and neither of us really knows what we’re doing physically, so we’ve only really gotten to second base, but we both get horny. I’m glad to hear your boyfriend respects your decision to abstain and that you feel comfortable asking him to wait.

I feel like we’ve plateaued and we don’t know what the next step is without having sex. You should never rush into having sex, especially if you don’t feel okay with it — good for the both of you.

Alternatively, I could use this as motivation, a starting point for another creative endeavor.

But self-doubt has a way of getting under your skin.

And while sex definitely does bring you closer together, there are still other ways you can be physically close and intimate with your boyfriend. See what Heather says.| I’m guessing that by second base, you mean him touching your breasts. I’m not sure what you consider “sex” and “virginity” (everyone defines them differently), but maybe you could try mutual masturbation, oral sex or anal sex instead of just vaginal intercourse.

Married men and men known to me to be in so-called "committed" relationships have hit on me in the past; some have been attractive, intelligent, all those good things.

Go jogging, take walks, cuddle, or try fun new ways of kissing each other.

It sounds silly and corny, but even just looking into each others’ eyes can be intimate.

” it asked, “Just write something different and submit the other to someone else!

” It was the voice of my muse, the very same one who had helped me to write that first post.

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