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going on right now with blanket coating, These liquid coating are a big waist of money especially if your unit is 10 years or older. Then moved on to many local RV dealers Years later I moved up to Oregon to work for Monaco in the early 90,s.First off, applying a product over a damaged product can not last. If your RV rubber roof is newer and in great shape it might stick a bit longer, I have personally heard from countless RV owners how they have spent 1000 to 1500 hundred dollars on these products only to call us with roof leak issues, The only thing we can do to make it right is to remove the old epdm material completely off the RV and roll out a new one piece of material. Please call for a free rubber roof replacement estimate 619-889-5429Hello folks my name is Jim Hargrove . Enough of the cold weather I settled back in San Diego. I specialize in LP Appliances such as RV refrigerators, RV water heaters RV furnaces.Electric awnings are nice but there are a few setbacks.

Mobile RV service for East County, North County, North County coastal, South Bay San Diego metro Camp Pendleton, . It had a EPDM rubber roof membrane that was at the end of its life span . Repaired the wood damage and glued on Docor's Britek roofing system.I stock most vinyl awning fabrics in lengths between 14 feet and 21 feet. We strip the roof, peeling off all the EPDM rubber roof material , vents and moldings. Then we roll out a new one piece of Dicor roofing system. The manufactures offer a 12 years guarantee in the material and 5 years on the my labor.Don't be fooled by paying a company less money for a roll on liquid rubber just have the sun dry it out in 1 or 2 years then you are back to square one. I replace converters and batteries and offer some electrical trouble shooting.At this point in time there is really only one correct way to deal with it.That is to remove and replaced it with with a new one piece roofing Material this can be expensive but well worth it.

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