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For a five-cent fare and a twenty-year franchise exempted from taxation, he and his backers proposed to provide 18 hours a day of 30-minute end-to-end service.Talk, however, is cheap, and no agreement could be reached before Labour’s “big strike” of 1911 scuttled the plans. He priced the project at a quarter-million dollars, with shops, offices and power generating facilities to be built in Blairmore, the area’s biggest town.Kenzie, Frank Anderson, Diana Wilson, Andy den Otter, Arend Visser, W. Cousins, Judy Larmour, Laura Johnston, Val Johnson and Jas. Above the Lakes to the north, seemingly squat at 6200 feet, Crowsnest Ridge rises protectively.Erskine Davison, Jock Carpenter, Joane Cardinal-Schubert, Margaret Anne Kennedy, Florence Kerr, Alrik Tiberg, Chester B. Crowned since 1950 with a 175 foot-tall Alberta Government Telephones – now Telus – micro-wave transmission tower, the Ridge marks the south-east corner of the High Rock Range and separates the Highway from the Phillipps Pass and Mount Tecumseh.Beyond the new bridge a left-looking traveller sees the planar sculpting that Industry is wrought upon Crowsnest Ridge at Hazell (Hazel).Not 200 yards north, Hazell has been a scene of activity since, the story goes, the 1880s when two Italian plasterers from Toronto discovered that the site’s limestone was ideal for making the main ingredient of that mixture which was so near and dear to their hearts. “ Peter” Hazell, who created Summit Lime Works.

Adds Beaty, “… Rocky Mountain geomorphology is a reflection of the extensive alpine glaciation operating in a tectonically-produced structural landscape…the generally linear, tilted masses of sedimentary rocks and the intervening valleys [being] created, in the main, by thrust-faulting from the west and southwest on a massive scale[,]” sculpted over the millennia by glacial ice, running water, extremes in temperature causing stress fracturing, and gravity pulling down slides, slumps and scree.

In 1912, though, the project was resuscitated by the locally-influential W. This scheme attracted the backing of Blairmore’s major employer, West Canadian Collieries, Limited, and with rumours of English capital drifting through conversations, minor merchants from up and down the eastern pass hurried to subscribe.

On February 16th, 1912 the Crow’s Nest Pass Street Railway Company was provincially incorporated, but the flight of capital back to Europe postponed plans, and World War One and its attendant economic decline shredded them.

Climbing onto the low interlacustrine ridge the No.

3 bangs across a small 1964 concrete decked bridge over little Crowsnest Creek.

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