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Can young adults with cognitive disabilities handle the complicated, messy morass of Around the same time, Whole Children/Milestones, a recreation center for children with disabilities that I helped start, began offering a class called “Boundaries and Relationships” for young adults.

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But I also thought: The more time I spent with this teacher and this group of students, the more convinced I became—especially as I got to know one young woman who became the inspiration for Belinda, one of the main characters in A Step Toward Falling.Even as a parent who has emphasized widening my son’s world as much as possible, I wondered about encouraging these young adults to enter into relationships and even—gulp! Many of them talked about dating movie stars, musicians and characters they knew from TV shows.I wanted to pull the teachers aside and point out the obvious: Beyond the most clear-cut concerns related to sex—pregnancy, STDs, sexual victimization—there were also the less clear-cut ones: If their ideal dates are Justin Beiber and Kelly Clarkson, how could they do anything but hurt each other’s feelings?They come to the same realization I have: Ability and disability is a long continuum that we all have a spot on, and the desires we share in common far outweigh the differences that divide us.Honesty about your true self isn’t exactly the hallmark of most online dating apps, but a new one called Glimmer is trying to create a more transparent environment, especially for people with disabilities.

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